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Thank you for considering as your photographer.

Wed like you to know that we take this business extremely seriously. Our product is the culmination of all of our passion and effort, and we will put everything we have into your event.

We are not your average marine photography company; we are the best at what we do.

We take pro photographs of every boat and treat every boat as a personal client. Other photographers are often overwhelmed and take only a few good shots. We always take high quality, well composed pro photos of every boat that we photograph.

Our tools help us to achieve these results; not only our professional cameras, but more importantly, our rig. We use small customized boats that we drive by ourselves. Our strong backgrounds in sailboat racing and instruction combined with the maneuverability of our boats allow us to get close to the action without getting in the way or creating a large wake or wind shadow.

The photos that we will take during your event will help encourage event participation in years to come, give more value to your sponsors today, making it easier to get sponsorship in the future, and give every participant the opportunity to relive the experience- and brag about it!

Please email us and let us know if you have any questions.


Allen Clark and Daniela Clark / The Photo Boat, LLP

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PhotoBoat Event Coverage is Second to None

Allen and Daniela consistently awe the sailing community with both their close-up, dramatic shots, and also their friendly demeanor and likeability.  Their comfort both at Yacht Clubs and on the race course make them a welcome part of any event.

PhotoBoat has been referred to by event organizers as "Plug and Play." They know what they are doing and don't require much. Allowing the organizer to concentrate on other duties.

During regattas up and down the East coast, Allen and Daniela use their own custom 12 inflatable RIBs and photograph every boat from multiple angles. They pride themselves in capturing multiple "wow" shots of every participant.

Their boats are small enough that they do not disturb even the smallest sailboats.  They have customized them in such a way that it is easy to zoom around the race course by themselves, driving and photographing at the same time.  They do not hesitate to photograph in any conditions, even in large ocean waves.

Providing slideshows of the days most dramatic photos, Allen and Daniela consistently dazzle regatta participants with valuable entertainment. They provide all of their own equipment, from a digital projector and screen to computer monitors for personal viewing by individual crews.

Allen and Daniela know that every event is different and organizers have different needs, desires, and budgets.

Contact Allen or Daniela about PhotoBoat's carefully crafted coverage packages to meet your needs and make your event the best it can be.

~ Read about PhotoBoat in the APS Blog or in Windcheck Magazine ~

PhotoBoat Rig

Daniela in Key West in a PhotoBoat Customized Dinghy.Allen in his customized PhotoBoat Dinghy jumping a schooner's bow wave.

" is a frequent contributor to WindCheck Magazine. Not only are their images super high quality, they are truly engaging and exciting. Allen and Daniela are easy to work with and make the process of photo selection fun. Whether you're choosing a personal shot of you and your crew, or a complex cover image for a magazine, PhotoBoat puts 100% into every aspect of their business...and they hold the record for having shot the most covers for WindCheck!"
 -Chris Gill (
Editor in Chief)
"The Photos that Allen took during the Yngling Worlds are fantastic. He takes them all in a really small boat so he can get in close without getting in our way." -Krystal Weir, (Austrian Olympic Team)

"You guys take some of the best action shots I have ever seen. The guys  with the big powerboats always get in the way or throw a big wake if  they are getting close enough to take good photos. I was impressed at how close you were able to get without ever interfering with the  sailing."

 -Craig Thompson 505 Sailor

"Thanks so much for attending our regatta this weekend. I heard so many compliments, not only on how great the pictures and slide show were, but also in regards to the impressive skills you have behind the wheel! Your participation in the event made Red Grant and even bigger success." - Doug Striker Red Grant organizer Raritan Yacht Club

"You guys do an awesome job!

The pictures you took at the Annapolis NOOD are first rate, with a great eye for the action, not just a boat out sailing.

Please keep coming back to the Annapolis races."

Gordon Latrobe, Annapolis (NorthernBay Rigging Annapolis)

"Hey just wanted to let you know that these photos of the Newport Regatta last weekend are AWESOME! You got some great pictures of the Jet 14 fleet, which we dont get too often! Thanks so much!"

Claudia B. Reshetiloff
"You guys do a great job getting close enough to the action to get great pics but not interfering with the race. Great Job! We get a kick out of watching you go."
-Jason Chavez, J24 Sailor
"Wonderful! You guys did a fabulous job on an evening with less than optimal set of conditions." -Chris Wentz (Z sails)

Allen and Daniela are actively taking on new assignments in new places.

Contact them to discuss how PhotoBoat can best help you.

Read the article about PhotoBoat in the November '08 issue of WindCheck Magazine

PhotoBoat Photographers Allen Clark and Daniela Coen in Windcheck Magazine

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