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Flying Dutchman NY400 Photos

See the NY400 Flying Dutchman photos sorted by bow number!

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NY 400 Flying Dutchman Regatta


Marine Photographer Allen and Daniela PhotoBoat.com

Allen and Daniela cover
most of the major sailing
regattas on the East Coast, USA.
They are dedicated to
providing the finest on-the-
water and shore side
photography anywhere.

Daniela in Key West in a PhotoBoat Customized Dinghy.Allen in his customized PhotoBoat Dinghy jumping a schooner's bow wave.
Allen and Daniela use their own customized RIBs to zoom around the race course while photographing most events. They are harnessed in from the bow and hold on to a long tiller extension. This enables the photographers to put themselves exactly where they want to be to get the right shot, without getting in the way or creating a large wake.

About the Photographers

Crazy? It’s been suggested. Allen and Daniela call it a good day at the office when they come in soaking wet, sunburned, and exhausted. In business since 2005, this young couple from Connecticut has proven that there’s a method to the madness. Going out in 11.5’ RIBs in every sea condition, just like they learned while working in the BVI (www.YachtShotsBVI.com), Allen and Daniela skillfully maneuver themselves to the magic spots to get the killer shots.

Strange career choice?
Yep. With college degrees from Georgetown and Uconn in their back pockets and USCG Masters licenses in their hands, Allen and Daniela opted out of cubicle culture and headed for the sea. Daniela has taught sailing at some of the most highest-profile schools in the industry, including Longshore Sailing School and The Bitter End Yacht Club. She even taught sailing in Italy, in Italian. Allen's comfort and skill at the helm led to lots of miles at sea as a delivery captain. He too spent a lot of time in front of the chalk board, and both Allen and Daniela have extensive racing experience. Allen and Daniela’s addiction to the water, paired with a passion for photography and entrepreneurial drive, led to the launch of PhotoBoat on Long Island Sound in 2005. 

In ’06 they cruised from Connecticut to Key West and back on their 37’ live aboard sailboat, hitting every regatta they could along the way. Not bad for a business trip. Their photos are as dynamic as their lifestyle and they have rapidly carved their place among the top photographers in the marine industry. The duo is now in high demand for commercial and editorial work—they even tag-team on-the-water and shore side weddings—and their limited edition fine art prints can be found in galleries on the East Coast. 
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